Photographer Gold Coast

HOW I GOT STARTED – After being gifted a fabulous SLR camera in my late teens and playing around with it until it broke during a trip to the United States, I gave my hobby away for many years until I renewed my interest in photography again in April 2008 by buying a nice little point and shoot camera (a Canon S5 IS). Despite NOT having highly professional equipment and only limited experience, my results were good enough to get attention in various places. Back then, my work was seen on advertising brochures, newspapers, other websites, real estate billboards and even local television.

NEW PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT – My pictures received so much attention that in May 2009 I purchased one of the best cameras on the market, the new Canon 5D II along with some of the very best luxury lenses that Canon makes. The level of Commercial Photography work I was asked to do grew rapidly, thanks to all my supportive clients, people finding me through random internet searches and a very strong FaceBook presence.

I’ve always been able to adapt quickly into any field I choose to master, but I only ever do the work that I really love to do. That means, when I focus on a task, I give it my heart and soul. ~ ER

Gold Coast Australia

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Gold Coast Web Designer

HOW I GOT STARTED – I’ve been creating, editing, compiling and constructing websites since 2007 when one of my adult sons came back home to live for a year. I’d just been given my very first computer and he started by helping me learn how to use it. My son was building his own gaming website at the time so I asked him to teach me what he was doing … and day and night we sat side by side just playing with web building and enhancing pictures with photoshop.

At the beginning I used FrontPage, which is now Expression Web and quickly progressed to the ease, functionality, and flexibility of WordPress.

AS A TEACHER – I’ve assisted many small business owners getting started with “Build Your Own Website Classes” and I’ve donated my services freely to help others improve their internet presence; providing website appraisals, starting facebook business pages and setting up local clubs with a striking portfolio site.

THESE DAYS – I build a lot of websites for myself and monetise them with google ads. I’m selective about the clients I do take and work mainly with celebrities, actors, models, artists, singers and those who are really positive and passionate about life. My son proudly tells me that I’m much better than him now and it’s common for me to still be up when the sun rises, creating, improving, designing, thriving. I absolutely adore my work.

“I take people with outrageous ideals and help to make their dreams come true.” ~ ER

Celebrity Websites AUSTRALIA

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Since I was quite small, I found it natural to write poetry, as did my mothers sister, one of my fathers brothers and one of my own brothers, so I wondered if the ability was inherited through my genes.

During a somewhat rough patch in my life, I found it comforting to write uplifting phrases to affirm the person I really wanted to be, to solidify the traits I really wanted to display more often and to uplift my own spirits and rise above the drama that was happening close to me.

It worked!

And it had great benefits!

A book was born, followed by several other mini-books. I never cared if anyone else read them! Writing them gave me new life. But as often happens when you’re doing something that feels good, people read them anyway … and they asked for more … they then inspired new questions and even more profound answers.

These photos were taken when I was 10 kgs heavier. Life has changed so much since then. It’s improved out of sight.

“Don’t ever let problems get you down. Something good comes out of every struggle, something that makes life way better than it could have possibly been otherwise.” ~ ER

 500 Confessions BOOKSHELF

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