Random Profile Pictures

When It Comes To Professional Portfolio Pictures
– I’m Lucky!

I’m so glad to have camera gear all set up to take random photos whenever I’m in the mood. While selfies are great for Facebook our acting agent demands professional quality pictures. I’m not a fan of going to a studio and trying to have a range of shots taken in one sitting though. It’s too hard to get those genuine changes of mood that reflect versatility in a portfolio.

For clients, I like to take a variety of simple head shots, theatrical shots, side shots, full body shots, smiling, serious and pulling different faces, moving shots, looking into the camera and away from the camera, indoor and outdoor shots, action shots, business pictures, casually dressed photos and a broad range of styles, clothing, hair, make-up and with no make-up too. These can best be done at different times of the day and night and when you’re in a generally happy mood.

“How you REALLY feel on the inside, always shows up somewhere on the outside!” ~ ER

Elizabeth Richardson AUSTRALIA