Work Experience

Promotions Manager

Celebrity Websites AUSTRALIA
June 2014 – Present

I’ve always been able to adapt quickly into any field I choose to master, but I only ever do the work that I really love to do. That means, when I focus on a task, I give it my heart and soul. ~ ER

WEB DESIGN – I spend endless hours keeping up with new technology. I’m in just as much bliss compiling a simple $500 portfolio site, building a $3000 professional website or constructing an extravagant $25,000 online shop. I thrive on the creation process and love putting my skills to good use.

“Hi Elizabeth, you are being praised for the fantastic website. We are receiving numerous comments how great it looks and how easy to find things. It is certainly providing the results intended. We are receiving orders like we have never seen before, instant purchasing! If you were close by we would take you out for dinner, it will wait until you come over one day, serious!” – Peter and Maureen Byl (Organature)

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY – I’ve sold photos to several government agencies, newspapers, magazines, international publications and shot a cover and inside story for HIA Builders Magazine. I tend to shoot mostly on-site and adore the inspiration that flows from spontaneity in the moment. I use a full framed Canon 5D mark 2 and a nice range of luxury series lenses. I adore product, website, beauty and portrait photography the most. My clients are incredibly happy and keep coming back for more.

BOOK PUBLISHING – I’ve self published 6 of my own books. I only use publishing houses that print on demand so there’s no upfront cost to produce and ship your product. E-Books in all formats (kindle, iphone, ipad etc) are included. I know what to do and let you relax as much as you want during the entire process.

WEBSITE BUILDING CLASSES – I teach individuals and group web design classes on the Gold Coast of Australia and also provide further support via email or phone.

Also skilled with Social Media Setup, running Google Advertising Campaigns, writing snappy articles and inspirational coaching.

Creative Director

Elizabeth Richardson Australia
1961 – Present

I WAS BORN TO BE HAPPY, not to behave …
I was born to follow my dreams, not to follow the visions of others …
I was born to love with all of my heart, not to be afraid that my heart might break …
I was born to enjoy this moment, to feel its passion, to play, to laugh and to follow my inspiration …
I was born to live in harmony with my higher self and all of life …
I was born to be free … I was born to be ME! – Elizabeth Richardson

Successfully Published Author

500 Confessions
2011 – Present

Not so long ago, a relationship which was incredibly loving, spontaneous and fun suddenly changed into something quite different. I found myself writing to find comfort, clarity and stability.

Born from the turmoil were insights, each received easily, quickly and effortlessly as I was given answers to other peoples questions as well as my own.

Early on I could see in my mind the cover of a best-selling book, I was given the format, the words kept being drawn through me, the writing was inspired and people were asking for more. One man requested to be able to purchase the writings in print, digitally and audibly and even specified where he wanted to be able to purchase them from.

There have been SO MANY requests that, from its conception, the writings had already taken on a life of their own.

It was created because I needed it … and YOU asked for it. So I will step aside and let the words speak for themselves, let the message be what resonates, let the writings be what encourages others to find their own insight and let the confessions be the catalyst for alignment – not the author! From the words of CONFESSION #212 …

I DON’T NEED YOU TO LOVE ME … as much as you are loving who you are becoming. I don’t require others to follow, I’d rather they follow their heart, their dreams, their passion. I don’t need fans, I prefer that you fan the flames of desire now burning inside and I don’t want to be worshiped, I encourage you to stand in awe of your precious uniqueness and align in wholeness with your own blessed soul.

Professional Photographer

Trading as Lifegames Photography And Web Design ABN: 84 789 096 031
2007 – Present

Web Designer

Trading as Lifegames Photography And Web Design ABN: 84 789 096 031
2007 – Present


Foster Community House
“Build Your Own Website” Classes.
2009 – 2010 Foster Victoria Australia

I devised the program and taught groups of small business owners how to create their own websites on a budget. The program was partly funded by the Australian Government and the students paid the balance.

Contact: Terri Potter
Coordinator Foster Community House
Phone: (03) 5682 1101

Professional Actor

Endemol Australia – formerly Southern Star Productions
2007 – 2010 Victoria Australia

Cast Extra in Bed Of Roses series 1, 2 and 3

Contact: Martine Gow
ABC Casting
Phone: (03) 9524 2668

Part-Time Sales Rep

Homepak Products
April 2008 to October 2008 South Gippsland Region

Contact: Tim Rothberg
Managing Director Homepak Products
Drouin, Victoria Australia
Phone: (03) 56251114

Event Organizer And Host

Quality Parties
2006 – 2008 Foster Victoria Australia

Due to an increasing demand for people in all age groups and from varying walks of life to meet others for friendship, companionship and relationship, a fellow colleague and I formulated a really fun and fully interactive PARTY AND EVENT format that succeeded way beyond our expectations.

It began with running “Singles Parties” in a small Victorian country town and expanded into SUPERB ENTERTAINMENT for weddings, CONFLICT RESOLUTION for Community Groups and TEAM BUILDING for Companies.

I personally burned out when the demand exceeded what I was physically able to fulfill at the time and have just recently (July 2014) found incentive to re-create it into a franchise-able and a really neat Reality Television Show.

Further details are closed at this point …

Amateur Actor

FAMDA Foster Victoria Australia
June 2007 – July 2007

Lead female actor in FAMDA’s (Foster Amateur Music And Drama Association ) production of ‘Stringlines’ – a contemporary Australian drama. First acting role included 2 solo singing and guitar playing performances.

Notable Achievement: Nominated for best female lead at the Gippsland Amateur Theatre (GAT) Awards.

Contact: Max Adam
President Foster Amateur Music And Drama Association
Phone: (03) 5682 1600

Retail Fashion Proprietor

Suitable Clothing Boutique
1988 – 1998 Bridge Road Richmond Victoria Australia

Suitable, Bridge Road Richmond (Women’s Clothing Boutique) – Proprietor
Owner/Operator, buyer, merchandiser, sales, customer service, staff management, cash handling, banking, liaison with suppliers, business manager.

Runway And TV Model

1981 – 1983 Albury N.S.W. Australia
Wholesale and Retail – Fashion Industry
Model for Jacqueline Eve Albury/Wodonga,
Including photographic, catwalk parades and television events (RMV channel 4)

Notable Achievement: The first fully paid and then the highest paid model in the region at the time.