Taking Self Portraits

HOW IT ALL STARTED – I love photography so much, when I didn’t have a client I’d take photos of the garden, my daughter, the cat and eventually myself. You can sometimes see the evidence of a remote shutter switch tucked neatly into one of my hands.

Because I like to be a bit different, I began to get creative with how I compiled them all together, and would have to say that the signature pieces of my work are my composite portfolio pictures. One of my online albums has actually been used as an example for a professional modeling portfolio – a nice compliment.

WHAT’S HAPPENING TODAY – I’m just going through a few of my favourite shots to add to this resume website. I never really have a plan, but sometimes I’ll notice something about an image that just takes my fancy in the moment, so I throw them into PhotoShop to see what my inspired creativity produces.

It’s usually done fairly quickly. I find that if it starts to feel like a struggle, the results won’t be very good either.

“I never work hard at anything. If it’s fun, I feel like I’ve been paid before I’ve even begun.” ~ ER

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