Photographer Gold Coast

HOW I GOT STARTED – After being gifted a fabulous SLR camera in my late teens and playing around with it until it broke during a trip to the United States, I gave my hobby away for many years until I renewed my interest in photography again in April 2008 by buying a nice little point and shoot camera (a Canon S5 IS). Despite NOT having highly professional equipment and only limited experience, my results were good enough to get attention in various places. Back then, my work was seen on advertising brochures, newspapers, other websites, real estate billboards and even local television.

NEW PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT – My pictures received so much attention that in May 2009 I purchased one of the best cameras on the market, the new Canon 5D II along with some of the very best luxury lenses that Canon makes. The level of Commercial Photography work I was asked to do grew rapidly, thanks to all my supportive clients, people finding me through random internet searches and a very strong FaceBook presence.

I’ve always been able to adapt quickly into any field I choose to master, but I only ever do the work that I really love to do. That means, when I focus on a task, I give it my heart and soul. ~ ER

Gold Coast Australia