Acting Biography

STRINGLINES (a stage drama)

In mid 2007, Elizabeth discovered a natural love and ability for acting when she was “approached on the street” and asked to play the only female and lead role in the Contemporary Australian Drama “Stringlines”. She was also required to learn guitar in less than three months, dance, sing and disrobe in this local theatre production in Foster. Elizabeth was nominated along with two others for best female lead which is an amazing achievement for her very first acting début. Some of the GAT judges remarks were:

“A wonderful portrayal of naturalism in a delightfully spontaneous performance, displaying rich variation in emotional suggestiveness with soul-searching honesty and complete lack of affectation.” – Wayne Brown

“A fine theatrical debut. Elizabeth was obviously comfortable in this role and impressed with her ability to maintain focus. Her reactions in particular, were natural and not contrived. Nice singing and guitar work.” – Raymond Dunstan (GAT Judge Independent)

“Elizabeth looked the part and her initial entrance where she was lying on the sunbed was strong and really set up her character. She had a nice speaking voice and reacted well to what was going on around her …. I thought she was a real strong point in this production and I enjoyed her performance. Congratulations on the guitar playing and vocals too.” – Christine Skicko

BED OF ROSES (ABC television series)

For the last three seasons she has appeared as an acting extra in the ABC TV’s “Bed Of Roses” and is thrilled to be given more opportunities for further involvement in the TV and Film Industry.